The Berlin-based label Maiami was founded in autumn 2003 by Maike Dietrich. The
collection consists of hand-knitted sweaters, cardigans and accessories with a modern and unique touch due to their unique shapes, colours, motifs and the use of different materials.
Traditional handcrafted knitting is combined with modern components that pursue their own aesthetics, capturing an important cultural zeitgeist: the return to handmade, tangible, soft products in a time of artificiality, synthetics and high tech. Dissecting a sweater into stitches, one can see that the stitches are reminiscent of pixilation and other components found in modern technology.
The heart of Maiami?s appeal relies on its use of traditional handcraft within a modern
context, creating knitwear garments that are a perennial must-have.

photo credits: Tania Kelley